Why HostGator Is Not A Good Web Host Anymore?

Reasons To Avoid HostGator Web HostingHostGator is such a name of Web Hosting which was known to almost everyone who is related with web hosting / web design / blogging and website development stuff. They were pioneers of their time and provided cheap web hosting solutions to their customers. I have been with HostGator for more than 4 years, initially their services were very good and their live chat support responded within 10 minutes every time and email tickets were responded in a timely manner. Right now the game has totally changed and HostGator is not a recommended host due to several reasons I have mentioned in this review.

Resource Limitations at HostGator
Recently HostGator’s shared web hosting services started to deteriorate and they are unable to provide good web hosting services to their customers anymore. I have been using self hosted version of WordPress blogs with HostGator shared web hosting. Only had two domains running WordPress with HostGator. When my website traffic started to grow, they started to send resource usage warnings. HostGator has placed many limitations on their shared web hosting accounts such as CPU and Memory usage.
Reasons of Moving Away From HostGator
I had then moved my primary high traffic websites from HostGator due to such limitations. Since I had an account with HostGator, I thought to keep my low traffic WordPress blogs with HostGator. Those low traffic websites do not pose high resource usage to HostGator, but still MySQL limitations / warnings halted my shared hosting account twice. Which resulted into “Error Establishing a Database Connection” warnings. This error occurred because WordPress couldn’t connect to MySQL database once they close the connection from background. They are using the traditionally old Apache web server which is actually a resource hog. Most of the new web hosting companies have shifted their web hosting server towards LiteSpeed which is 9 times more faster than Apache.
Downtimes with HostGator
I have also encountered several down times with HostGator which let the entire website down for many hours. This is due to the fact that they have moved their data centers to Provo UT location, since then down times occur on frequent basis. Endurance International Group has acquired most of the top web hosting companies and under the umbrella of EIG they aren’t performing well. Many popular brands are owned by EIG. There also seem to be occasional website slowness issues with websites hosted with HostGator because they have overcrowded many shared hosting accounts on their shared web hosting servers.
HostGator Live Chat - Complete cPanel Backup - Wait Time

Worst Support by HostGator

I have finally planned to permanently move away from HostGator due to above mentioned reasons. For moving away, once needs to create a complete cPanel backup, since my account was more than 4GB in size, HostGator cannot backup whole cPanel accounts which are larger than 4GB. A support ticket needs to be created and they will create the backup on their own. And the worst part is one needs to wait 24 – 48 hours for this process to be completed on their official note. Their live chat waiting time is minimum 30 minutes and that’s another reason to move away from HostGator. So that indicates you will get stuck up if you will plan to move away with HostGator. Its better not to get started with HostGator at all.

HostGator Live Chat - Worst Services
You will probably see HostGator being promoted by many websites, just because of affiliate commissions and they do not offer fair and honest reviews. This is the fair and honest review of HostGator after 4 years of usage. BlueHost is considered to be the good Alternative of HostGator, yet they are also part of EIG, however they are operating comparatively much better than HostGator in their shared web hosting services in terms of customer support, you may find BlueHost a lil bit expensive. I have used BlueHost for my several clients and they appreciate BlueHost’s services. I had also created the list of Top 5 Web Hosting Companies for WordPress, however I would have to exclude HostGator from that list today.
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