10 Best, Beautiful & SEO Optimized Responsive WordPress Themes

Top 10 Best Premium WordPress Themes That Are SEO Optimized & Beautifully Designed for Blogging Beginners
WordPress is such an awesome blogging platform that offers customization level that is beyond limits. You have the freedom to choose beautiful, gorgeous & professionally designed themes for your WordPress Blog. You may find good WordPress themes that are offered for free but they usually lack many features which are available in premium themes. One of the most important feature of premium themes is that they have been heavily optimized for search engines and therefore result in more organic traffic coming towards of blog. There are wide variety of SEO options available by default in all premium themes. You might be interested to read Top 15 SEO Tips for Blogs / Websites.

Features of Premium WordPress Themes
You may think why to spend $60 to get started with a premium blog theme? You should spend few bucks because beautifully designed & professional looking blog attract more visitors and hence turns them into your blog’s valuable & loyal readers. Code of premium themes is optimized and they wouldn’t be eating out your server resources. Hence resulting in an overall faster blog. They are compatible with majority of the web browsers and have the capability to transform their layout according to the target user’s screen size, thus representing their responsive nature. Professional menu layouts and eye catching featured content sliders are part of premium wordpress themes. In addition to that you are making yourself secure against malicious threats, since premium themes have great security features embedded and are less likely to be vulnerable against hacks.

If you are planning to Get Started with a WordPress Blog, you must opt for a premium theme. For smooth wordpress experience, your web hosting needs to have good server resources, you can have a look at Top 5 WordPress Web Hosting Companies to get started. I have covered the most beautiful & professional looking WordPress Premium Themes in this article which will give your blog an excellent kick start from the day first.

10 Best Premium WordPress Themes 

1. SmartMag – Responsive & Retina WordPress Magazine Theme

Check Out Theme Demo: SmartMag – Responsive WordPress Theme – Price: $45

2. X – The Ultimate WordPress Premium Theme

Check Out Theme Demo: X – The Ultimate WordPress Theme – Price: $60
Price: $55
Check Out Theme Demo: Enfold WordPress Theme – Price: $55
10. Dandelion – Powerful Elegant WordPress Theme

Check Out Theme Demo: Dandelion – Powerful Elegant WordPress Theme – Price: $45

I hope my readers have liked this short yet elegant collection of premium wordpress themes which will help you start a beautiful & professional looking wordpress blog. Do let me know which theme you are currently using on your wordpress blog and why do you like it?

Valuable Tip: Saving few bucks might result into a serious threat for your WordPress Blog. Please bear in mind that if you are using a premium theme illegally without paying a single cent, your blog is at a serious risk, since those who provide illegal stuff mostly inject backdoor php code that easily allows them to hack your wordpress blog’s database & even wipe it. So I would suggest my blog readers to make sure to opt for legal ways that will keep you secure from any kind of threats. By purchasing the premium themes, you are not only supporting the developers as well as contributing your efforts to keep yourself safe from malicious threats.
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