How to Earn Stable Online Income, from Home? – (Part 1)

Best Ways to Make Money OnlineEarning a stable online income stream is the dream of anyone who has a bit of knowledge about online earning opportunities. Usually some of our friends & fellows keep on telling the stories that they know someone who is able to earn quite great amount of money, just by working online for few hours.  Its quite true, there are almost endless possibilities of earning from the internet. However one has to be punctual & dedicated in whatever online work that person has opted for. In my previous post I had discussed, why online business is better than traditional business. Today I will be revealing the basics principles or comprehensive review of earning stable online income stream right from your home. All you need is the access to internet enabled personal computer.
So here I am going to mention and discuss the genuine ways to earn online income. Please make sure to go through this article and develop an understanding level to explore best online income methods.
  1. Earn by Freelancing
  2. Earn by Blog Writing / Article Writing
  3. Earn by Affiliate Marketing
How to Earn Stable Online Income, from Home? – (Part 1)

1. Freelancing

How to earn money online with freelancing?Now a days most of us are quite familiar with freelancing term, that indicates one is totally independent and self employed and is not bound to work for a single company, rather one can work for several companies at a time right from his own place / home. Freelancing gives you freedom & flexible working hours. You can just choose to work anytime that suits you. One need to have sufficient set of skills to start his / her journey as a freelance worker. For instance, one has got a software engineering degree should have relevant skills and can develop android applications or create a customized website based on PHP. Similarly accountants can maintain journal accounts, reconcile the accounts and even review, create or analyze company’s financial statements.Even if you don’t have relevant degree or even no degree, but you have got proven skills that fit into any freelancing category, you can work from your home and get paid. For instance you are self made graphics designer and possess hands-on experience with Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw & other related graphic designing tools, you can simply choose freelancing career. Now the point is from where one should start his / her online earning journey? Is there any platform which helps freelance workers? The answer is YES, there are many freelancing opportunities on the internet. I will share a list of freelancing resources, from where you can start your freelancing career.

Freelancing Resources to Earn Money

Signup on any of the above mentioned freelancing websites and get started with your freelancing online earning career.

2. Blog Writing / Article Writing

Creating a blog and posting articles won’t let you make money alone. You will have to create unique blog contents and regularly keep on updating your blog readers with useful stuff. You can setup a blog on any niche / topic of your own choice. You will have to be a regular in writing unique & useful blog posts that help you bring more visitors to your blog. You can setup your free blog either on Blogger or WordPress.

How to earn money with blog and article writing?After setting up your first blog, targeting US & European based readers will bring in long term benefit for your blog income. There are number of ways to monetize your blog / website, through which you will be able to generate good revenue streams. Your blog must have at-least 5000 unique visitors per day before you should apply for CPM (cost per thousand impressions) / CPC (cost per click) based monetization method. And for having at minimum 5000 unique hits per day on your blog, your blog should have 200 quality articles, which require around 6 months time, based on a fact that you are working as a part time blogger. Although you should apply affiliate marketing monetization strategy from the beginning.

Once your blog / website starts to receive good amount of traffic, you will be able to earn handsome income from your home, just by working 2 for hours on daily basis, creating unique blog posts, whose sole purpose is to trouble shoot issues of your readers in the form of tutorial guides or products / services recommendations through affiliates. There are many more topics which you can cover in your blog posts. Although the primary motivation behind blogging shouldn’t be money, your primary motive must be educating & interacting with your blog readers, while monetization must be your secondary priority because initially you have to work, work & work creating quality contents for your blog for minimum  period of 6 months to an year and that requires a lot of patience. If your primary motive behind blogging career was money at first instance, you might be unable to continue and lose the significant passion for writing & interacting with your blog readers.

Widely used ways of blog / website monetization
a. Publisher / Advertising NetworksPays you for displaying CPM or CPC ads on your blog / website – Have a look at Top 15 Publisher Networks that are Google Adsense Alternatives.
b. Affiliate Networks Pays you, once you generate leads / sales of products / services.
c. Direct AdvertisementsYou can create an advertisement page on your website, so that interested direct advertisers may contact you.
d. Sponsored Reviews You can start reviewing products and services and get paid.

Publisher / Advertising Networks 

Right time to apply for monetization networks is after 6 months of your hard work. Don’t rush for them unless you have created top quality blog content and easy blog navigation for your blog readers.
Google Adsense Review – Top Notch CPC (cost per click) + CPM (cost per thousand impressions) Publisher Network that pays via Check / Bank Wire / Western Union (Minimum $100 payment threshold) (Only quality sites with genuine content will be approved for Google Adsense)
InfoLinks Review – Another good CPM (cost per thousand impressions) publisher network serving in-text ads that pays via Paypal, Payoneer Account, Bank Wire & Check. (Minimum $50 payment threshold) by Yahoo! – Better alternative for Google Adsense, serving CPM based ads & that pays via Paypal. 
Clicksor – Clicksor is a competitor for InfoLinks, however they do serve regular & popup ads in addition to in-text ads like InfoLinks, payment can be made via Paypal & Check. (Minimum $20 payment threshold)
Technorati Media – Technorati Media is CPM based network and supposed to be a good alternative for Google Adsense. Payments are made via Check & Paypal, & minimum payment threshold is $50 although their payment cycle is Net 60, means you will have to wait for two months to receive your first payment. Later on your cycle will be adjusted if you are making $50 every month.
Yashi Media – Yashi is another CPM publisher network that pays quite well. Payment mode is Paypal & Bank Wire.
Tribal Fusion – Certainly the best publisher network after Google Adsense, however they only deal with large websites / blogs and pays via Paypal, Check or Bank Wire.
BuySellAds Also famous for BSA, is an online marketplace where you can get direct advertisers & sponsors for your website. However they require a top notch quality blog having great traffic. Pays via Paypal & Check.

Top 15 Google Adsense Alternatives

3. Affiliate Marketing

How to earn money with affiliate marketing? - Image Credits: Google Adwords Blog

Affiliate marketing in simple terms is selling the products and getting your piece of commission out of it. Affiliate marketing is best for those who do possess customer convincing capabilities either by word of mouth or by developing a comprehensive product or service review. On the internet its a bit different, almost everyone can perform affiliate marketing at certain level. So how does affiliate marketing works to make money? Its quite simple, you are referring a sale of product or service and the company is willing to pay certain percentage of commission from the sale of that product or service. As you have helped the company to achieve the sale, so company pays you the commission as a token of appreciation. You are required to register for an affiliate program and generate your own unique affiliate link / banner ad which acts as a tracker & lets the company know that you have had referred a sale / lead. After receiving the affiliate links & banners, you must put them on our blog’s article, email newsletter or you can use it as your signature in reputed forums that allow affiliate programs. Now I am going to introduce my own affiliate link here.

If you are looking for best web hosting for your WordPress Blog, that is certainly DreamHost.

In the above link, I have used my own affiliate link. If some one will purchase web hosting through above link, DreamHost will entitle me for the commission. The commission varies company to company and the payment terms also vary accordingly. One should go for an affiliate program which rewards higher commission per sale / lead. Similarly Amazon’s affiliate program also helps to earn a decent amount upon referring products that are being purchased from your affiliate link. Affiliate networks pay on the basis of CPA (cost per action).Some of the popular affiliate programs are

and the list goes on… You will have to research on more affiliate programs. Most reputed companies are running affiliate programs to entertain their old customers and keep generating sales. I will further enhance the list of popular affiliate networks that help you earn good sums of money.

How to get paid for income that is earned online?

Different online earning sites have different payment terms, there is minimum payment threshold, for instance you must have reached $100 in your account balance before you get paid. Payments are usually made on monthly basis. For exact payment details you must read the terms and conditions and policies of any website that you are working on / for. Most widely used payment gateways are PaypalPayoneer Account, Bank Wire, Western Union & Check. If you cannot receive the payments on PayPal due to non-supported country issue, you can simply read my tutorial guide to get verified PayPal account in a non-supported country.

Perhaps I have covered the top 3 ways to earn a stable income stream online, working from your home, regularly for two hours. Part 2 of stable online income methods will reveal more insights and will definitely help you to setup your Online Earning Career. I would appreciate any positive or critical feedback and queries related to this blog post and will keep on recommending online earning resources with my blog readers. Make sure to subscribe to our blog’s email newsletter & join our social media profiles so that you won’t miss any online earning tips. See ya & stay blessed everyone… 🙂

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