How To Earn Stable Online Income, From Home? – (Part 2)

How to Earn Stable Online Income, from Home? - (Part 2)In continuation with my first stable online income series, today I am going to highlight some more factors that will help to boost your online earnings. Its a famous quote that one should not put his all eggs in one basket. Diversifying your online income streams will not only eliminate the risk factor, as well as bring an over all boost in your online income. If someone is born poor, its definitely not his / her mistake. But if someone dies poor, then yes, its certainly his / her own mistake. One has to keep on struggling and should never give up until the goal has been achieved. Randomly people claim that there was no one to guide them to choose their online earning career, that’s true up to some extent.
A person is only able to follow someone’s guide, once a certain level of trust builds up. Make any professional blogger / affiliate marketer / freelancer as your ideal figure, and try to imitate his / her online earning tactics, you may not be able to reach exactly the same level of success, but surely your learning horizon will become wide enough and with your learning experience, you will keep on trying to attain success in your online earnings journey. The only limitation you will face with online earnings is “NO LIMITATION”, yes you have read absolutely right, there’s no limit of online earnings. You can earn as much as you want and beyond your expectations. Just you need to have a pure dedication towards online work, whatever you are opting for. In terms of blogging career, deliver the best to your audience and build the trust and readership and consider it as your investment, which will bring its profit in future.
Coming towards the next part of online earning tactics, you can multiply your online income streams by following online income methods.
How to Earn Stable Online Income, from Home? – (Part 2)

4. Earn by Video Content Creation
5. Earn by Uploading files
6. Earn by URL Shortening Services
7. Earn by Writing Articles
8. Earn by Selling Services

4. Earn by Video Content Creation

How to Make Money Online with video content creation?People are earning decent amounts by creating unique and creative video content. The rule is simply, the more the video views, the more you’ll be earning. Famous video sharing sites have created revenue sharing programs in order to attract content creators to keep publishing awesome videos on their sites. This is a WIN WIN strategy for both video sharing sites as well as video content creators. YouTube and DailyMotion are among the top video and revenue sharing sites. I have covered a complete article that’s dedicated to earning money from video content creation, that will give you more insights about monetization of your unique & original videos. You’ll be get paid through Western Union, Bank Transfer or PayPal according to the terms & conditions of the site you are working with.

5. Earn by Uploading & Sharing Files

How to earn money by uploading files and documents?Let’s suppose you have written an eBook or you have composed a song and want to share that with your loyal audience for FREE, you can use TurboBit & DollarUpload to upload your original content. In return these sites will compensate you for each completed download. Please make sure to read the terms and conditions of each site and the preferred payment method would be PayPal & Bank Transfer. In case you possess great studies related stuff which you have had created yourself in the form of Word Documents, PDF Documents or even Power point presentations, or even complete project reports for degree programs you can upload them on DocStoc. Now you have two ways, either you can sell them on DocStoc with DocSell or you can offer them for FREE, although you are sharing them for free, but still you can earn with their revenue sharing program called as DocCash which uses Google Adsense revenue sharing method. You can simply share the links either on your own blog or social media sites to receive more views and ultimately more income.

6. Earn by URL Shortening Services

How to earn money with URL shortening services?We know that there are many URL shortening services that can be used to shorten the lengthy and not easy to remember URLs into smart and easy to remember URLs. I have used some of those URL shortening services which not only help to shorten the URLs but also PAY their registered users upon sharing their short url links, if someone visits them. AdflyLinkBucks & AdFocus are quality URL shortening services through which you are able to earn decent online income. You must use these services in a create & smarter way to earn generate more revenue. The click through rate on your links will be increased if you will use be using a catchy headline. So you have to be a bit creative & smart while using these tactics to earn money. You can also use these URL shortening services to monetize your blog’s all external links. PayPal, Payza and Payoneer are the primary payment methods to withdraw your money. Minimum payout is around $5 – $10 depending upon the service you are using. Please make sure to read the terms and conditions of these sites and do not violate their rules.

7. Earn by Writing Articles

How to earn money by writing high quality articles?Aren’t interested in maintaining your own blog due to the reason that you are not technical enough or don’t have time to manage own blogs? Since having a own blog requires much more dedication towards work and technical issues have to be tackled yourself or you need to hire someone to solve the technical glitches. In order to avoid such issues, you can start writing articles / blog posts for others. There are many popular sites which are willing to share the revenue among their registered users. You need to create original content that is optimized for good reading as well as according to the latest trends. You can take latest trend hints from Google Trends. Get yourself registered on HubpagesTechulatorContribute excellent and well written hubs and articles. Make sure you have created at-least 20 – 25 quality hubs or articles before applying for Google Adsense account. With article writing the magnitude of your earning depends upon several factors such as quality of your articles, traffic factor and the most important search engine optimization factor. I will be creating tutorials on improving traffic and SEO of your articles and blogs.
If you already own an adsense account, you can easily integrate it on Hubpages as well as Techulator. But if you are new user you can easily apply for new Google Adsense account. Adsense optimization will also help to improve your earning potential, such as ads placement, their color schemes and more. (You can hire me, if you need any help in optimizing Google Adsense for boosted revenue.) Keep sharing your hubs and articles on social media for better exposure, traffic and also make sure to link them internally so that it will improve the search engine rankings of your hubs / articles. There are many other revenue sharing sites, but I have only shared the most reputable and trusted ones. Some individual bloggers also offer Adsense revenue sharing to their authors. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of respective sites and do not violate any of their rule, otherwise your account will be suspended and all your earnings will be forfeited. Writing articles for others is surely wise only if you cannot manage your own blog. But if you are geeky person and can handle + manage your own blog, its recommended to create content / articles for your own blog, as its more beneficial and sustainable strategy to make money online.

8. Earn by Selling Services

How to earn money by selling your services online?In addition to having a blog and earning money with advertiser networks as well as affiliate marketing. You can simply multiply your online income stream by selling your services online. If you have some polished skills and you feel that you are expert in it, you can start offering it as a paid service to your visitors. You just need to mention your skills & experience in a separate services or hire me page of your blog and link it with a contact page. Make sure to place the links of your services page at several locations of your blog. The more you’ll be able to expose your services page, the more are the chances of turning your readers into clients.
If any of your reader is interested in your services after having a thorough look at your mentioned skills, experience and profile on the services / hire me page, will be in contact with you and may turn into a paid client. After providing your services to clients, make sure to take their feedback and add it up as a testimonial on services page, as it will help to build trust among your other readers of your blog and will help to convert them into paid clients. Further upon completion of several successful projects, you can also build up the portfolio of your finalized projects & services. That will also help to have a direct relationship with your clients and your client’s won’t have to pay for any additional charges unlike on freelancing sites where users have to pay 10% fee upon successful completion of the project. In this way you can start earning a passive alternate income stream.
How would you implement these tactics to make money online? I am pretty sure that my readers will be learning and implementing these awesome ways to create additional income streams by working online. Although you must have to remain patient and keep on working hard to be a successful online entrepreneur. Please share your feedback / thoughts in the comments section.
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