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Best SSD Managed Wordpress Hosting for Multiple Blogs in 2022 »

Best SSD Managed WordPress Hosting for Multiple Blogs in 2022

Question by Alex: I want to purchase a good speed and reliable VPS at a reasonable price. Can you please recommend a good VPS or Managed WordPress Hosting which can handle multiple blogs for blogging on various niches with an average organic traffic of 5,000 visitors per day?

Answer: Hello Alex, thanks for getting in touch with us. If you have been using a simple shared hosting in the past, you will know the nightmares of simple shared hosting services, servers are oversold with tons of users and ultimately everyone on that shared server suffers in the form of slow loading sites and frequent downtimes.

Best SSD Managed WordPress Hosting for Multiple Blogs

Best SSD Managed WordPress Hosting for Multiple Blogs

I will recommend to grab a Managed SSD WordPress Hosting or Semi Dedicated SSD Managed WordPress Hosting, as these servers are highly optimized for wordpress users and there are less amount of users, therefore your website or blog loads blazing fast, you also have the flexibility of not managing anything on the server side. SSD Managed WordPress Hosting / Semi Dedicated Hosting has more CPU resources / RAM for much better performance. And if you combine it with MaxCDN + Fast WordPress Theme + Caching plugin, you will get an amazing experience, that can handle lots of traffic and best performance in terms of site loading time, that means less bounce rate and more earnings with either Amazon Affiliate Program & Google Adsense.

Benefits of Semi Dedicated SSD WordPress Hosting in 2020 – Hawk Host Plan

  1. Fast Performance (More RAM & CPU Resources) – 2 GB RAM – 2 Full CPUs
  2. Handles good amount of traffic (Easily up to 5000 visitors per day)
  3. SSD Storage which ensures fast serving wordpress blogs
  4. Can be Easily Managed with cPanel
  5. In case of issue, web hosting support will fix it. (Saves your time)
  6. Can host unlimited WordPress Blogs, Drupal, Joomla, eCommerce or Php custom sites
  7. Free SSL Certificate for HTTPS on unlimited sites
  8. 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
  9. Price: $15.99 Per Month

Sign Up for Semi Dedicated SSD WordPress Hosting

Please note that I am not talking about Shared Hosting, that becomes slow if your blog post becomes viral, as more traffic is trying to access your blog, but shared hosting has limited resources to handle huge traffic. Here I will share about Cloud SSD Hosting or Semi Dedicated SSD Hosting that has more CPU + RAM resources available, as compared with simple shared hosting.

SSD Managed WordPress Hosting performance is just like VPS, highly responsive and saves you a lot of time (for instance you have got your VPS down due to any reason, you will have to fix it yourself, it will take your all sites down as well) While on SSD Managed WordPress Hosting, you can take help from Web Hosting Support in case of problems and it is their responsibility to fix the issues.

Usually virtual private servers (VPS) are unmanaged (without cPanel/WHM) unless you pay for cPanel VPS license fee. Even with WHM installed on VPS and you have to be self sufficient with linux command line interface, otherwise you will remain in trouble & that costs you a lot of time, and I think time is money.

Don’t go for any cheap web hosting, if you want to grow your blog and want to make some real money out of it. You will regret to buy cheap hosting later. You will keep facing downtimes. If you are serious about your blogging career, only buy a reliable and fast web hosting as we have recommended above. We have been into blogging for 6 years and we are sharing these valuable suggestions with our beloved readers.

I hope these Best SSD Managed WordPress Hosting Recommendations can help everyone, who will read it. 🙂 Do let us know, which web hosting service are you using. since when and how is your experience with them?

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