Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online from Internet in 2020

Top 10 Best Ways to Make Money Online From Internet in 2016 - Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online from Internet

Top 10 Ways To Make Money from Internet In 2020

I have been working online for couple of years and have learned many ways to make money online and these online income methods really work as per my experience. One has to put continuous efforts in order to achieve good online earning results, it requires lots of patience when you have to work online and prove yourself in-front of your customers by providing them excellent services. I do not claim that you will become very rich in short span of time, however I will stress on the importance of hard work that will bring great success in your online earning career. So we will be discussing Top 10 ways to make money online from internet.

Make Money from Home Working Online on Internet - Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online from Internet

There are lot many ways people are making money from the internet, the moment you are reading this post, you might be interested to earn money from the internet as well. Its really not that difficult, just choose the niche you feel you are good at, and build the strategy to work on regular basis. In today’s post I would like to discuss top 10 ways that are commonly used by many online entrepreneurs to make good sums of money. I have seen many successful online entrepreneurs who earn $1000 – $5000 on monthly basis. And that keeps on growing with the passage of time, hard work and continuous efforts. That’s the real charm of working online and grooming it as an online business.

Please keep in mind that on initial basis when you just have to setup your online work, you cannot earn that much, you must work smartly and with extreme patience to reach that level of earning. I would suggest my readers to maximize their online income streams by participating in variety of online income methods, this would significantly boost your income and help you avoid risk of putting all eggs in one basket.

Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online from Internet

Online Money Making Ways That Do Not Require Any Investment

1. Affiliate Marketing

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing - Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online from Internet

Recommend products / services that you have knowledge about, convince your audience to buy certain products and services on your recommendation using a special link also known as affiliate link that has to be generated after registering yourself as an affiliate of any particular products & services. When someone will make any purchase through your affiliate links, you will be entitled to certain percentage of that product’s sale amount. This way you will be earning money by simply referring people towards right products.

The best practices of affiliate marketing include reviewing products / services on a blog, social media or through viral video marketing at YouTube / DailyMotion. You can even create marketing campaigns such as Google Adwords campaign to reach more audience thus generating more affiliate income. To be a successful affiliate marketer you will need to have excellent grip on internet marketing tactics. You will have to keep on investing time to keep on earning with affiliate marketing. Initially you will be earning few hundred dollars a month, however if you will utilize your skills and efforts more seriously, you could start making 4 digit income in dollars. You will get paid through most popular payment gateways such as Paypal, Payza & Payoneer by most of the companies whose products you have been promoting.
Get Started with Affiliate Marketing & Start Earning Money

2. Blogging / Article Writing

Make Money with Blogging / Article Writing - Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online from Internet

Blogging is so far the easiest route to make money online, you need to have excellent writing skills and deep knowledge about the niche / topic that you have chosen to write about. Your blog needs to serve useful information to readers and that information must have to be unique in nature. You can get started with Blogging Journey to Make Money. If you own a blog you can monetize it in variety of ways for instance you can use publisher networks to display relevant adverts, when someone clicks them you will get paid for those clicks, make sure not to cheat the system, as you will be kicked out of the system if any fraudulent clicks on adverts got detected.

Make Money with Blogging / Article Writing from Home Through Internet - Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online from Internet

You can go with direct advertisements, reach out to relevant product developers and show them your blog stats, if your blog is receiving good traffic, there is a good chance to attract a direct advertiser. As I have stressed earlier, one shouldn’t keep all the eggs in one basket, you can review different products & services on your blog in the form of articles accompanied with demo videos and screenshots, reach-out to product / service creators and negotiate the price for the products / services being reviewed on your blog. In addition to all such monetization methods, you must also use Affiliate Marketing to add another income stream on your blog. Once you have established good blog audience and you are able to attract heavy traffic to your blog, many advertisers will start reaching you.

Don’t have blog yet? You can get your WordPress Blog Setup for FREE. Please avoid guest posts with dofollow links, since Google started to penalize the blogs who offer guest posts with doFollow links. Blogging is highly rewarding business if you are working on the right niche and with smart ideas. You can earn few hundred to few thousand dollars on monthly basis from blogging. Blogging requires lot of dedication, time & patience. A successful blog requires 6 months to an year to get established. You will get paid through most popular payment gateways such as Western Union, Paypal, Payza & Payoneer.

Blogging Resources

a) Claim FREE WordPress Blog Setup
b) What is the Cost to Run a Blog / Website?
c) Earn Money While You Are Sleeping
d) Top 15 Publisher Networks (Google Adsense Alternatives) in 2014
e) Top 15 SEO Tips to Increase Blog Visibility, Traffic & Money
f) Top 10 Related Posts Plugins with Thumbnails for WordPress & Blogger
g) Discount Deals on Web Hosting
h) Review of Best WordPress Hosting Services for WordPress Blogs

3. Freelancing

Make Money with Freelancing - Working Online from Home - Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online from Internet

Seeking to work for others at flexible timing right from your home? Freelancing is the career you might be looking to work on. You need to have sufficient set of skills to get started with freelancing career. For instance you have expertise in graphic designing, logo designing and web designing, you can certify your skill sets with couple of online exams and start bidding on online projects related with your expertise. Once you have won the bid, you can start working on that particular project. Make sure to work honestly and deliver the quality of work on the right time or even before time to impress the employer, it will help to earn positive ratings and level of trust from the employer. Freelancing could make you earn thousands of dollars per month, if you are utilizing your skills in a smarter way. You might have to work on hourly basis with few freelancing job sites and set your per hour working price. You will get paid through most popular payment gateways such as Paypal, Payza & Payoneer.

Freelancing Resources To Make Money

a) ODesk
b) Fiverr – Signup Today at Fiverr
c) Freelancer
d) Elance
e) 99Designs

4. Video Publishing

Make Money with Video Publishing Through YouTube & DailyMotion - Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online from InternetAre you a gaming enthusiast or love to create tutorial demonstration videos? You can make money out of YouTube & DailyMotion just by uploading videos. Those videos need to be created by yourself and you must have copyrights to those videos. You can also use YouTube to gain free traffic for your blog / website, if you will smartly advertise your website’s URL inside the video or in the video description. You will get paid through Western Union, Direct Bank Transfer or Paypal. Some people regularly earn thousands of dollars with video publishing. I had written a complete guide to Make Money With Video Content, please make sure to go through it.


5. Application Development

Make Money with Mobile Application Development - Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online from Internet

Having a software engineering degree? Then you must be familiar with application development term. These days mobile application development is too hot. You can get started with apps development and monetize those apps with advertisements or in-app purchases to unlock certain features of your app. You can also start selling application development services to customers on your own website. Android, iOS (Apple iPhone) & Windows Phone are three major platforms where software developers could put their efforts and Start Making Money With Apps Development.

6. Web Design / Web Development Service

Make Money with Web Design / Web Development Service - Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online from Internet

Good at graphic designing & web development languages such as HTML, CSS & PHP? Perhaps Web Designing & Web Development is the best career path you should opt to make money online. You can start your own website and start providing web design and web development services to your customers. Offer them discounts and free related consultancy services that will help you establish good repute among other competitors. You will need to have a Domain Name & Web Hosting Service in order to get started with your own website. Promote your services on social media and if you could afford spending few hundred dollars, promote your website / services with Google Adwords to reach your target customers more easily. Did you know, Online Income Methods Team has 3 years of experience in Web Design & Web Development Services and we offer most affordable services to our clients. If you are looking for Excellent Quality Web Development Service, you must connect with MT Web Sol.

Online Money Making Ways That Require Investment

7. Selling Premium Domains / Websites

Make Money with Selling Premium Domain Names & Websites - Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online from InternetSmart minds make money using smart ways. Keep an eye on premium domain names, buy them as soon as you have some funds to invest into it. Some premium domain names also get expired, also keep an eye on them. You will be able to resell those high profile premium domain names with very high profits. A domain bought for 50 dollars might get sold for 10,000 dollars to the right client. In the same fashion complete working websites / blogs could be sold using Flippa. This is indeed a smart way to make money online.



8. Selling Products / Services

Make Money by Selling Products / Services Online Internet - Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online from InternetJust like a retail shop where products and services are being sold for a price, you can do it online. You can create an online store with open source online shopping carts such as OpenCart, ZenCart, CubeCart, CS-Cart and tons of others. Configure it and add relevant products to it, and start selling your products online. If you need to sell services, you may simply list down services on your website and start promoting your services on social media channels. You will need to have a Domain Name & Web Hosting Service in order to get started with a shopping cart website. This way you will be making money by selling products & services. Your earning potential will totally depend upon your hard work & product / service selling capacity. Even our team is selling few services right from our blog’s services page.

9. Web Hosting Business

Make Money with Web Hosting Business - Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online from Internet

Have plenty of exposure with web hosting services? Have sound knowledge of Linux server management? Then you can surely setup your very own web hosting business. Create web hosting packages of your own choice and set your own price for those packages, its perhaps more suitable for web developers and web design companies to start their very own web hosting company by using HostGator’s Reseller Hosting Package. This way you will be able to make more money by providing web design, web development & web  hosting combo package to your customers.

10. Forex Trading

Make Money with Forex Trading Online Internet - Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online from Internet

Have an eagle’s eye on trading money? Then you could get started with Forex trading where you will have to invest money in any currency when its value is relatively lower, and then sell it as soon as its value goes high. Buy low & sell high is the basic principle of Forex trading. However before getting started with Forex trading, one has to be very careful while selecting a trust worthy broker network on the internet and have to be well versed with technical jargon being used in Forex Trading Business. Forex Traders make money through the difference in price of currency by purchasing it at low cost and selling at higher cost.

I would be recommending my readers to get started with only those online earning opportunities which do not require monetary investment. Only time and energy investment will be enough on initial phases of making money online. If you find this post useful, please make sure to share it in your social circles and subscribe to our email newsletter so that you won’t miss a single update. Which of the above way you have been using to make money from the internet right from your home? Comment below. Stay blessed & cheers!! 🙂
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