How to Register & Setup Cheap Custom Domain for Blogger?

How to register cheap custom domain name for Blogger blog?

If you are serious about your web presence, you must have to register a commercial domain name for your blog / website / business. Most of the bloggers start with free .blogspot sub-domain, which is actually good enough for learning purposes. However having a paid domain name gives an impact that the owner of this website will serve his customers / audience in a better way. Search engines also give you an edge in search engine rankings for having a custom domain name, matching your website’s theme or topic. You can choose anything to be your custom domain name for your blogger blog, but keep the following points in your mind before registering a new domain name for your blog / website. I would recommend GoDaddy for domain name registration, since they offer the best prices for domains and you won’t regret their domain registration service. But please avoid their web hosting services, as much as you can, because they are only good at Domain Name Registration.

What you need to know before domain name registration?

  • Its recommended that you must choose a better keyword for your custom domain name. For instance, this blog “Online Income Methods” is focused towards educating readers regarding the online earning opportunities, therefore it has “online income” keywords added in the domain name forming
  • The domain name should be easy to remember, so that you won’t miss the direct traffic.
  • Registering multiple instances of domain names such as .com, .net, .org & others will help you to maintain & reserve your brand name. If you have chosen multiple domain name instances during registration, just choose the primary one for further configuration and later, add 301 Permanent Redirect to other secondary domain names.
  • You can pay for your new domain name at GoDaddy with your Credit Card, Debit Payoneer Account, Debit Visa Card, PayPal & MoneyBookers.

Register a new domain name

  • Initially you can buy .COM domain from GoDaddy for just $2.49 or for $3 with private registration for $1 using the following banners. You’ll get more benefit if you will use this offer to register your domain name for multiple years. However if you will prefer to buy for 1 year, you will have to pay a regular renewal price of .COM domain, the next year. (Private Registration helps to keep your personal information such as your email, name, phone number, address, country away from WHOIS public database.)
$2.49 .Com at!
$2.49 .Com at!

$3 .Com with Private Registration for $1 at GoDaddy!
$3 .Com with Private Registration for $1 at GoDaddy!
Please make sure to enter correct domain name registration information and proceed with the check out. Congratulations your brand new domain name has been registered. Now we have to configure this newly registered domain name as a Blogger’s custom domain.

Setup Custom Domain Name for Blogger

After completing your domain name registration at GoDaddy, head towards their DNS Manager, Select your domain name and edit its A Records and CNAME.
1. Add the following IPs as A Records for your Domain in GoDaddy’s DNS Manager
A Record Configuration of Custom Domain for Blogger
You can copy IPs from here.

HostPoints ToTTL
@ hour
@ hour
@ hour
@ hour


2. CNAME Record Configuration for Blogger Custom Domain
CNAME Config of Custom Domain for Blogger
You can copy CNAME record from here.

HostPoints ToTTL hour


Configure your new domain name at GoDaddy for your Blogger Blog as mentioned above and save the settings. It may take 24 – 48 hours until the DNS changes you had made, propagate completely on the internet. Usually it does not take more than 10 minutes to see the changes, if you are using Google’s DNS on your computer.

3. Now head towards your Blogger Blog’s Basic Settings and you have to edit the publishing tab over there. Here you have to enter your custom domain information. Click on +Add a Custom Domain (Point your own registered domain to your blog.) Enter your complete domain name including. For instance your new domain name is, you must enter it as,

Custom Domain Setup Settings for Blogger

4. Upon saving you will face a verification check. That we have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12. So you have to go with CNAME verification.

We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12

5. You will be asked to create another CNAME record at GoDaddy’s DNS Manager for your domain name’s verification purpose, in the similar way as we had created in step number 2 above. But you have to use unique Host & Points To Values. These unique Host and Points to values will be generated for you by Blogger itself, as I have highlighted in an above image. Copy them as your CNAME record and save the changes on GoDaddy’s DNS Manager for your domain.

6. Wait for half an hour and repeat step number 3 again. This time your custom domain name will be accepted by Blogger and your blog is ready to be used with your newly registered custom domain name. Make sure to tick mark redirection of your naked http domain to www address automatically. If you will not tick mark this redirection option, you will see a 404 error page at http naked domain name.

Custom Domain Redirection Settings for Blogger

In case you were running a blogger blog at .blogspot sub-domain for quite a long time and you are thinking that choosing a custom domain might lose you traffic, then you shouldn’t worry about it, as your URLs from .blogspot sub-domain will be automatically redirected towards your new custom domain. This is a 301 Permanent Redirect, therefore all the SEO ranks for your previous blogspot URLs will automatically transfer towards your new custom domain urls. I hope you can easily register and configure your blogger’s custom domain name by using this user friendly tutorial guide. If you are stuck at any step, please leave your feedback and I’ll try to help you out. Cheers!! 🙂

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