Review: DreamHost Shared Web Hosting & DreamPress

DreamHost Shared Web Hosting & DreamPress Review
Choosing the right web hosting really does matter for your Online Business and Success. Imagine if your eCommerce online shopping site or a site dedicated for offering paid services remains down for couple of days, that would be a nightmare and will probably cause you huge loss. That certainly happens when you are hosted with some really cheap web hosting provider. Your web hosting provider needs to be equipped with robust and up to date hardware in order to deliver you excellent web hosting services.
DreamHost is one of excellent web hosting company that is equipped with Quad Core Intel Xeon Servers with at-least 16 or 32GB or RAM & offers web hosting packages for all needs. Only hardware doesn’t need to be perfect, the company’s repute and their support really does matter, in all regards I had found DreamHost to be really stable. Their plans include Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server & Cloud Hosting. Perhaps I’ll be only reviewing DreamHost’s Shared Web Hosting & DreamPress which everyone can afford. DreamHost is in the web hosting business since April 1997, so they are reliable enough to work with.
DreamHost Shared Web Hosting & DreamPress Review
DreamHost’s Shared Web Hosting offers unlimited resources to their customers. Unlimited resources refer towards unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited number of domains / sites to be hosted and much more. Shared Web Hosting is cheaper than VPS & Dedicated Sever because several users are sharing the costs of running a single server. They offer 100% up-time guarantee for your websites & blogs, 24 hours, 7 days of week email support service, and there’s a 97 days money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with their web hosting services, no questions will be asked and you will be completely refunded. That’s because they know a satisfied customer will be more beneficial for them & will help them to make more sales than an annoyed customer.

Features of DreamHost Shared Web Hosting

  1. Excellent Hardware for Shared Hosting Environment (Quad Core Intel Xeon Servers with 32GB RAM)
  2. Free Domain Name for One Year
  3. Unlimited Disk Storage
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth
  5. Unlimited MySQL Databases
  6. Unlimited Websites / Domains Can Be Hosted
  7. Custom DNS Management Service
  8. Unlimited Email Addresses
  9. Shell (SSH, SFTP) Access
  10. Debian Linux Operating System
  11. Apache Web Server
  12. Password Protected Directories
  13. PHP5 Support
  14. One Click Web Scripts Installer (Helps you easily install php based content management systems)
  15. 24/7 Email Technical Support Service 365 Days a Year
  16. DreamHost Forum &Wikis; for Customer Support
  17. 97 Days Money Back Guarantee
  18. Daily Website Backups
  19. 100% Up-time Guarantee
  20. $100 Free Google AdWords Credit to Promote your Website

Things which I liked about DreamHost Shared Hosting

1. Robust hardware being used to provide excellent quality web hosting service, you will not be facing CPU throttling even if you are running a website with heavy web scripts. However it doesn’t mean that you should run non-optimized web apps that may act as resource hog for their servers.
2. Good Customer support via email tickets.
3. Free Domain Name Registration for the first year and free whois privacy protection.
4. SSH Shell Access & SFTP is present by default unlike other hosts where you need to request this feature for a price.
Things which I don’t like about DreamHost Shared Hosting
1. An industry standard cPanel for web hosting management isn’t there, however they do provide their customized Dreamhost control panel, which almost offers the same features, though some users which are coming from another hosting service aren’t familiar with its user interface and might take a bit of time to learn new DreamHost Control Panel.
2. DreamHost seems to charge one time setup fee, if you need to signup on monthly basis. However yearly plans have no such fees involved. Their hosting plans are bit expensive for newbies who just need to get started with Economical & Quality Web Hosting. HostGator is the best option to get started for newbies, since they are economical and there’s no setup fee involved with HostGator‘s monthly plan.
3. Live Chat and telephonic support needs to be purchased separately, often found people complaining about their support service & that’s not nice since many other hosting companies provide live chat and telephone support for FREE.

What you can host or run with DreamHost?

You can get started with a forum, an eCommerce shopping website, a drupal site, a joomla site, a wordpress blog (I had also covered Best WordPress Hosting Services) or run any custom php based script on their shared web hosting environment. That doesn’t mean you cannot host a static html based site, you can also get started with a simple static html website with DreamHost’s shared web hosting. DreamHost also offers one click installer for most popular web apps / scripts, that can be easily installed with bunch of clicks.

Some Important Tips before Signup:

On the signup page, you can only pay through your credit card or Payoneer Debit Master Card. However they do support payment through Paypal and Google Checkout, that needs to be reached out through their support team. Payments can only be refunded at credit / debit card & Google Checkout, other forms of payment are not refundable under their terms. You might be required to submit your identity proof in the form of your driving license / passport or your identity card’s scanned copy. Also make sure to use the same telephone number which belongs to your country to avoid any extra checks during the signup process.

DreamHost Discount Coupon

Immediate Discount Coupon from Online Income Methods by applying “OIM10REGFREE” coupon code that will get you $10 immediate discount and you will also get a free domain name for lifetime. Make sure to enter this coupon code during the signup process before making payment to avail the discount and free domain name for lifetime. Limited time offer: $50 Discount Coupon for DreamHost & Two FREE Domain Registrations
DreamHost Shared Web Hosting & DreamPress Review

DreamHost Also Offers DreamPress!!

DreamHost Shared Web Hosting & DreamPress Review
Besides offering shared hosting services, DreamHost also offers DreamPress. A dedicated WordPress hosting service for heavy traffic WordPress blogs which is similar to having a managed virtual private server (VPS) hosting for WordPress. DreamPress is highly optimized for WordPress where you have freedom to use any wordpress premium theme or plugin, and unmetered server resources which other hosting providers may not support due to CPU resource limitation on shared hosting. DreamPress costs $19.95 per month as an introductory price while its standard price will be $24.95 per month. Only limitation of DreamPress is that you can only host single heavy traffic website on a single DreamPress package, that means, if you have several heavy traffic wordpress blogs, then you need to buy DreamPress hosting package for every domain separately.
DreamHost Shared Hosting
Reviewed by Hasan Shahzad on Feb 23 2014
Rating: 4.9
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