How to Make Money with HostGator Affiliate Program?

Make Money with Hostgator Affiliate Program
Since Online Income Methods’ motive is to bring up online money making opportunities for our valued readers, hence you guys will be learning genuine online earning tutorials from our blog. The biggest charm of online earning opportunities is that there is no initial investment required to make money online. Today I want to highlight HostGator’s Affiliate Program to make lots of money just sitting from your home. All you have to do is to register an affiliate account with HostGator and start referring people to buy web hosting from HostGator.
Earning Potential with HostGator’s Affiliate Program
Interestingly you can earn up to $125 per sale if you can refer at least 21 or more sales in a month. Wait that doesn’t mean you won’t be earning with less number of sales. The more you will be able to refer, the more you’ll be earning with HostGator’s affiliate program. HostGator offers you minimum of $50 per sale and maximum of $125 per sale according to the number of sales being generated with your affiliate link. If you are able to make minimum 5 sales a month, you will be earning 5*($50) = $250 that month. It will continue to boost up, as your number of sales will rise gradually. In case you can refer up to 21 sales in a month, you will be earning 21*($125) = $2625. There is no limit on your earning potential, each and every valid sale will be rewarded with affiliate commission. Check out HostGator’s commission rates per sale that vary according to your affiliate sales performance.
HostGator’s Commision Rates: 
1-5 sales a month = $50
6-10 sales a month = $75
11-20 sales a month = $100
21+ sales a month = $125

How to get started with HostGator’s Affiliate Program?

Earn Money HostGator Affiliate

Head towards HostGator’s Website and click on Affiliates as highlighted above. It will lead you towards HostGator’s Affiliate Program Page where you can see SIGN UP Today. Do not click on that instantly. First you must read and understand their terms and conditions and go through frequently asked questions to clear any ambiguity regarding their program. You can find out Terms and FAQ just below the LOGIN button. After reading and understanding their terms and conditions you must click on SIGN UP Today to proceed with the affiliate registration process of Hostgator. Make sure to enter correct details during the registration process.

Generate Revenue from traffic of your site with HostGator Affiliate Program

After successful signup and email verification, you can log into your HostGator’s Affiliate System to get your personal unique affiliate link. As I have highlighted my unique affiliate link in the following image. This unique affiliate link is the backbone of your earning, as it helps to track and credit your account with valid sales, for which you are entitled to sales commission. You have to spread this link among your fellows, blog readers and ask them to signup for Best Web Hosting Services. Your personal affiliate link is not the only thing offered by affiliate panel of HostGator, you can also create discount coupons offering up to 25% discount or $9.94 off. The coupons work in the similar fashion as affiliate link works.

Upon successful valid sales being made through your coupon will also entitle you for the commission according to the rates I had mentioned above. You will be required to fill up tax information before any payments are made to you. Payment will be made at a minimum threshold of $100, if your account has $100 in it, you will be paid either via Check or Paypal, that’s at your sole discretion, that which payment method you had selected. Further its a HostGator’s policy that you must disclose your visitors / blog readers that you will be receiving commission for referring HostGator’s Web Hosting Services from HostGator company. You must have to write this statement near your affiliate link or coupon code.

HostGator Affiliate System
Tips to boost HostGator’s Web Hosting sales from your affiliate link

If you are a blog owner or you do have a website, you can place affiliate links or coupon codes within your blog posts. Your loyal blog readers will surely go for your recommendations. Since HostGator is the most popular, reliable and economical web hosting company, therefore your recommendation will probably bring in affiliate sales commission for you. You must disclose your readers that you are affiliated with HostGator and will be entitled to commission in case of successful purchase made by them, as its a strict policy of HostGator.

A fair review of HostGator’s web hosting services is more likely to convert into sales than just placing your affiliate link or coupon code in random blog post. Most of the times affiliate cloaking help to generate sales. In an above image I had highlighted affiliate link, its certainly not easy to remember, therefore its recommended that your should either use free url shortening services like, if you are a blogger user. However if your blogging platform is WordPress there are way too many options like using pretty urls plugin to cloak affiliate links or you can simply use cPanel’s redirection option.

I hope this tutorial will help my readers to understand that they can make lots of money with HostGator’s Affiliate Program. If you are already working as an affiliate marketer for HostGator’s affiliate program, please make sure to share your experiences and success stories with us, in the comments section. Subscribing to our free email news letter and social media channels will keep you updated with the best practices to make money online.

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