How to Make Money with Payoneer Affiliate (Refer A Friend) Program?

Payoneer Account is one of the best payment gateway that allows you to receive and withdraw your online payments from many publishers across the globe. With the help of Payoneer’s affiliate program you can earn decent money from your home. You can even send money to other Payoneer account holders. 

Make Money with Payoneer Affiliate Program

The good thing about Payoneer’s account is that you won’t have to pay any charges for making online purchases. You will only be charged for actual amount that you had spent on purchasing. However you will have to bear maintenance, load and withdrawal at ATM charges. Any supported bank will be able to withdraw your funds from the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM).

Many popular publisher networks such as InfoLinks, AdStract and freelancing companies like UpWork & Fiverr pay their publishers and freelancers with Payoneer Account. You can also transfer money from Payoneer to Payoneer account for free. Payoneer also supports withdrawal of funds from Payoneer account to your local bank account.

Get Payoneer Account Now

Earn $25 - Just tell your friends about PayoneerPayoneer offers you a chance to make money from their affiliate program to which they call as refer a friend program. By joining Payoneer’s refer a friend program you and your friend both will earn $25, once your friend follows your personal unique link to sign up for Payoneer and then loads $100 on their Payoneer Account. The process is pretty simple and offers a WIN WIN solution for you, your friend and the Payoneer company.

If you already have a Payoneer account just log in to your Payoneer account and on the bottom left you will be able to see Earn $25 – Just tell your friends about Payoneer. Click on Learn More button and on the next page you will be able to see your unique personal affiliate refer a friend link. You might also be required to verify your Payoneer’s affiliate account by means of email verification.
Make Money with Payoneer Affiliate Refer a Friend Program
You can share this unique link with your friends on social media networks, or if you own a blog / website you share it with your blog readers and ask them to signup for Payoneer Account, upon the successful signup of your friends or readers through your unique affiliate link, you will receive following email notification:

You’re 1 step closer to earning a $25 referral reward! One of your referrals has just been approved for a Payoneer account, and you’re now 1 step closer to earning a $25 referral reward! Once your referral receives at least $1000 in payments to their account, you will both earn $25.

Payoneer Referral Reward $25 Proof - Payoneer Affiliate Money Making Program

If your referred person or friend will receive their first payment of at least $1000 in their Payoneer account, you will earn $25 and the great thing is your friend will also earn $25 bonus amount. Imagine you will refer 15 of your close friends, and 10 out of them signup with your affiliate link and received $1000 on their respective Payoneer accounts. Referring 10 fellows will make you earn $250. While each of your friend will get additional $25 in their Payoneer account.

There isn’t any limit on how many people you can refer with your affiliate link, hence your earning potential with Payoneer’s refer a friend program is not limited at all, you can earn as much as you can. Didn’t have your personal Payoneer Account yet? Get your Payoneer Account now to start receiving your online payments and earn $25 with Refer a Friend program for each referral.

Payoneer Account
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  • waleed

    I Refere more then 17 of my freinds but i din’t get a single money what shoud i doo now plz tell

  • Dear Waleed,

    Once your referred friends will load or receive minimum of $25 in their card, you will get $25 bonus in your Payoneer Account.

  • Hasan

    Hi, it says if ur referral get at least $100 in their 1st payment, only then u will get $25.
    But what if my referral load $20 for 1st time and and then $30 and then $50. Means total $100 after several times. Will I earn $25 then?

  • As soon as $100 are completed either lump sum or split amounts. You will receive $25 reward.

  • Hasib

    “All partner payments such as from Upwork, Elance etc. and U.S. Payment Service payments or Affiliate Marketing Payments count toward the $100 threshold, but card to card transfers and private loads are not included in the $100 requirement to earn the $25 Payoneer account referral bonus”

    What does that mean?
    That means If I load money from my paypal account, OR from other payoneer card, I will not get that 25 usd bonus?

  • That means you need to receive payments from companies in order to be eligible for the affiliate reward.

  • farzan

    dear hasan i have a little question?

    kindly clear my confusion about receiving payment from companies is essential or is there any other way too for claiming bonus $25 ?
    or if i get payment from fiverr or amazon ? isnt there any problem?

  • Yes you can receive payments from Fiverr and Amazon they are US based companies actually. If you have any other queries feel free to leave your comments and I will make sure to answer them under my best capabilities. Have a great day and happy freelancing!! 🙂

  • Śhṍặib Khặn

    Iski koi hidden policy wagera hai kya sir?

    I mean, bas mera refferal jab $100 apny card me dalwaega to mje aur or mere refferal ko $25 mil jaenge? aur koi fees wagera to nahi hai?

  • Ahsan Masood

    @hasanshahzad:disqus : Will we not be eligible for the bonus if our referred friends receive money from individuals and not companies?

  • Dear Ahsan, yes you got it right. Receiving the payment from companies is necessary to be eligible for $25 Bonus from Payoneer. Individual payment transfer doesn’t make anyone qualify for the bonus.

  • Ahsan Masood

    Thanks a mill for the prompt response.

    However it’s such a bummer!

  • You are welcome! 🙂

  • Hamzah

    how much for threshold or money remaining in account…?