How To Fix https SSL Protocol Error on Chrome Using VPN / Proxy?

For a long time I didn’t need to use any VPN or proxy extension on Google Chrome. But today I had to perform some tasks that required me to use VPN extensions on Google chrome. But I had to struggle a lot to access websites based on HTTPS, which majority of the websites are already using. It took me almost 30 minutes to figure out what was wrong and why I am unable to access any https based website using SSL.

How To Fix https SSL Protocol Error on Chrome Using VPN / Proxy?

Google Chrome simply kept on throwing HTTPS SSL PROTOCOL ERRORS. I tried to disable any proxy based options from Google Chrome Settings, also kept on switching VPN Extensions, I had tried to install HOLA VPN, HOTSPOT Shield VPN, DOTVPN, ZenMate & SurfEasy VPN. All vpn extensions on Google Chrome had returned with the same error message.

Fix https SSL Protocol Error on Chrome While Using VPN / Proxy

These SSL errors were caused due to Eset Nod32 Antivirus SSL / TLS Protocol filtering option. Same kind of errors will arise due to Kaspersky’s SSL Protocol Filtering. Or you can check if any of your antivirus application on your PC had this option. You just need to disable it in order to get rid of SSL Protocol Errors on Google Chrome on your Windows PC. Follow the simple steps below and this issue will be surely fixed. 🙂

How To Fix https SSL Protocol Error on Chrome Using VPN / Proxy?

To fix SSL / TLS on Google Chrome via ESET Antivirus or Smart Security:

First of all make sure to check if your system’s date / time is correct or not, as this is the major reason of SSL Errors on Google Chrome Web Browser.

Setup -> Advanced setup… -> Web and Email -> SSL/TLS
-> Enable SSL/TLS Protocol filtering -> Turn off the switch  and click “OK” at the bottom.

To fix SSL / TLS on Google Chrome via Kaspersky:

Settings -> Additional -> Network -> unclick “Scan encrypted connections”

As soon as I had followed these steps, I was able to browse HTTPS based websites using any proxy / vpn extension on my Google Chrome Web Browser. If you are facing similar kind of issue, you should try above mentioned fix, and I am sure it will help you. Let me know in the comments section, what typical problem did you face and how you have managed to fix it? – 🙂

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