How To Make Money With Udemy By Selling Video Courses?

How To Earn Money With Udemy By Selling Video Courses To Students?

Everyone wants to make money. No matter whether by working right from home or going to a work place. But earning money usually requires much more effort than anyone can think of. If you are new and want to earn money, then don’t think of getting money without any effort. However, internet has entirely revolutionized the world including earning industry also. Now you don’t have to go anywhere to earn money. There are a lot of earning opportunities and you can get money while sitting in your home.

There are a lot of Online Earning Methods I have already published at Online Income Methods. For your ease and comfort, here is another one. serves the purpose. If you have knowledge about something, then you can earn a lot of money through this website. Let’s start with getting to know about Udemy and then we will move to the process of making money through Udemy.


Udemy is an online learning platform that connects trainers, instructors, teachers, professors and scholars with the learners and students. The learners don’t have to go anywhere to learn a skill. They can learn it by just sitting at home. The students can easily enroll themselves in Udemy online course of their interest and learn it. Similarly, the instructors can earn money by sharing their knowledge and skill with the students.

Udemy is a great platform for you if you are a scholar or have some sort of skill that you can share and help people.

How To Earn Money With Udemy By Selling Video Courses To Students?


There are two ways to work with Udemy and to earn a decent online income stream.

1. Become an Instructor & Earn Money Selling Video Courses at Udemy

Making money is not that much difficult with Udemy if you think you are smart and passionate about sharing your skills with others. If you are excellent in any subject, skill, software, hardware, possess experience of certain field which is high in demand and can record your video lectures, then expect yourself to be earning a very handsome online income. There’s no age limit and  you can earn money right from your home. You need to record clear high quality videos with excellent sound quality that does not have any sort of background noise. I know few people who are just 15 years old and are great instructors at Udemy and making five figure income just by selling their video courses.

Your video course can either have yourself featured inside your video, or you can use any screencasting / screen recording application and read out your Microsoft powerpoint slides or anything that you want to teach using any software to your students at Udemy.

Examples of Selling Video Courses at Udemy

For instance you are excellent at Adobe Photoshop & Graphic Designing, you can create a complete video course from its basics to advanced level to teach your students in an easier way. You have an experience of 5 years in affiliate marketing, you can cash out your experience by selling your affiliate marketing video course at Udemy. You have quite great knowledge & experience of Web Design, SEO & Blogging, you can create a video course and sell it at Udemy. You are an awesome Android or iOS app developer, you must start teaching newbies at Udemy and start earning money with your knowledge, skill and professional work experience.

Promotion of Video Courses at Udemy

You can simply take anything that’s trendy and for the benefit of others. Students will definitely enroll in your video course. You will definitely have to promote your video courses either by offering discount coupons which you can create from Udemy’s control panel or you can offer your course completely FREE in the beginning, so that users can give positive ratings at your video course. Later on, after enrolling enough students, you can set a competitive price for your video course and start making money with every new student enrollment in your video course. Think of earning money through your skill & experience by just sitting at your home.

2. Become An Affiliate & Promote Other’s Video Courses To Make Money

Not a good instructor? Still need to earn money with Udemy? You can still make money with udemy, even though you don’t know how to create video courses at Udemy. You need to be good at online marketing / affiliate marketing. You can promote other’s video courses on your website, blog, video channels or even through digital ads such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads & Bing Ads. You need to target specific audience who must have to be interested in the course / keyword you are going to promote. Once your targeted audience start to purchase the video courses you are promoting, you can expect the flow of money towards your bank account. Yes, you read it right, promote & sell other’s video courses and earn commissions. Signup for Udemy Affiliate Program.

How To Cash or Withdraw Earned Money From Udemy?

Udemy offers the payment to their instructors in US dollars. They are willing to pay the dollars via cheque or PayPal. If you think you are OK with the withdrawal methods then you can apply in the open candidacies. However, if you are a non – US resident, then research about the withdrawal methods further before applying to Udemy or you may end up getting stuck in withdrawing money and your effort can be go wasted. PayPal is suggested for the withdrawal method as it is more secure. If you think you are capable of delivering your skill to others then do try Udemy as it is a great earning resource for experienced skilled professionals as well as affiliate marketers.



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