How To Transfer Money From Fiverr To Payoneer Account?

You have two options to withdraw your earned money from your Fiverr account. One is Fiverr’s Revenue Card that is powered by Payoneer while the other one is PayPal. You can withdraw your payment easily and instantly after getting cleared in two weeks of minimum payment hold. The benefit of using Payoneer Account to withdraw your money is that you have access to withdraw your funds anywhere around the world. While PayPal users can only withdraw their money in selected and supported countries.

How To Transfer Money From Fiverr To Payoneer Account?

When Is The Right Time To Withdraw Money From Fiverr?

I would suggest you to withdraw money from Fiverr when you have accumulated minimum balance of $100 or more, since there is a little fee on withdrawal which will be charged by PayPal or Payoneer. When you will withdraw $100 or more, you will be getting some solid cash in your hands, otherwise withdrawing $4 from Fiverr will only give you $3.92 which might disappoint you that you have had done a Fiverr Gig worth $5 and after all fee deductions you are only receiving $3.92 in your account.

Once you will withdraw $100 or more, you shall be getting $98 as cash in your hands after all deductions are made. Withdrawing small amounts will only be adding additional withdrawal costs as a burden on you, so it’s recommended to withdraw bigger amounts and you must wait until big amount is being accumulated for you in your Fiverr account.

How To Use Existing Payoneer Account with Fiverr?

If you already possess Payoneer Account and want to withdraw your money from Fiverr to Payoneer Account. You simply need to signup for Fiverr’s Revenue Card on a different email address that must not match your existing Payoneer’s email address.
After completing the signup application for Fiverr’s Revenue Card, Payoneer will send you an email that you already own an existing Payoneer Account and your Fiverr’s Payment withdrawal services will be merged with your existing Payoneer Account.
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