How to Quickly Install WordPress Blog at HostGator?

Wordpress Installation Guide at HostGator

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform due to its ease of use. Almost anyone with basic internet skills can get started with WordPress. One does not need to have web development or php coding skills to run a successful WordPress Blog. You can easily practice your wordpress skills with WordPress Local Host version. And when you are sure that its time to bring your WordPress Blog online, you can get your WordPress blog hosted with Best WordPress Hosting Companies. I have also highlighted six major spots and pros of WordPress self hosted blog in comparison with Blogger. This tutorial will help you to install new WordPress blog at your HostGator Web Hosting. Although you can use the same method for many popular web hosts which provide cPanel feature. I will go through all the basic steps to start a fresh wordpress blog, if you already own a domain name and web hosting services, you must directly jump towards step number 4.

1. Domain Name Registration

First you need to get a domain name registered with GoDaddy, its always good option to use 3rd party domain registration, since putting all your eggs in one basket is a risky task. GoDaddy offer great deals to get started with your new domain registration and they are really good at Domain Registration services, I have had great experience with them in my past 3 years. I had also compiled a tutorial to register & configure custom domain for Blogger with GoDaddy. I really won’t recommend GoDaddy’s web hosting services, they suck at it. You can use the following two links to register your new domain name at a low cost. Domain name renewals would be charged for regular .com domain price. If you already own a domain name you can skip this step.
$2.49 .Com at!
$2.49 .Com at!

$3 .Com & $1 Private Registration at GoDaddy!
$3 .Com with Private Registration for $1 at GoDaddy!
2. Purchase Hosting from HostGator
Now you have to purchase Web Hosting from HostGator, so that you can install a WordPress Blog over there. I would recommend you to opt for HostGator’s Baby Package, so that you will be able to host unlimited domain names. Selecting the greater registration term such as 1 year – 3 years will automatically get you discounted price. Further you can use “OIM25DISCOUNT” coupon to avail 25% OFF from your HostGator hosting’s first time charges. Signup to HostGator’s WordPress Hosting Baby Package using the following banner and use the above mentioned coupon code during registration process so that you can get discount and it will also return with little referring commission to Online Income Methods blog. Don’t forget, you can also Make Money with HostGator. If you already possess HostGator’s web hosting, you can skip this step too.
HostGator WordPress Hosting

3. Registration & Domain Configuration

During the registration process, enter your domain name which you want to host with HostGator. You can easily make payment with your Credit Card or your PayPal account. After successful registration process, you will receive an email containing all configuration information of your account. Such as your account’s cPanel access info and name servers which have to be configured at GoDaddy or any other domain registration service provider. After pointing your domain’s name servers to HostGator, you will be able to access the HostGator’s welcome page on your domain’s URL ( Please note that DNS propagation may take up to 24 – 48 hours over the internet, using Google’s DNS ( and at your broadband connection will speedup your accessibility of your domain and thus you can quickly reach step number 4 which is installation of WordPress Blog at HostGator.

4. Installing WordPress at HostGator

WordPress Blog can be easily installed at HostGator Web Hosting with three different ways

1. Fantastico De Luxe
2. QuickInstall
3. Manual  Install
Quickly Install WordPress Blog at HostGator
Now you have to access your domain name which has HostGator’s name servers configured and add up :2082 port just after your URL, so that you can access cPanel. For instance It will ask for cPanel username and password, its already in your email inbox after successful registration of your Web Hosting at Hostgator. Enter the username and password and you will see a lot of cPanel options. Just head towards Software / Services section of your HostGator’s cPanel and either choose QuickInstall or Fantastico De Luxe. These both apps offer automatic quick installation of WordPress blog at HostGator within no time. If you are an advanced user, you can even opt for manual installation of WordPress that requires you to download wordpress archive from, manually create a database and users at HostGator and further configure and connect the configuration file of WordPress with MySQL database. That’s a bit technical stuff for non tech savvy person, therefore I shall proceed with QuickInstall option.

QuickInstall WordPress Installation

a. From software / services section select QuickInstall app, and then click on WordPress under Blog Software on the left pane. Now choose continue and you will see the following info on your screen.

b. Select the domain name where you want to install WordPress Blog. If you want wordpress to be installed at root of your domain that is top level ( you can leave the input box empty, next to your domain name. But if you want your wordpress blog under a sub directory (, you must specify the directory name next to your domain name’s input field.

c. If you want to enable the auto upgrades option, it will automatically update your WordPress blog to the newest available version, which is recommended to be ticked. Else you have to go with manual approve the updates every time there comes an update.

d. Make sure to enter the correct admin email ID, your Blog’s Title, Admin User, your First & Last name and hit Install Now button.

QuickInstall App - WordPress Blog at HostGator

e. Wait for a while and your new wordpress blog will be installed in the location you had specified ( or Access your wordpress blog’s admin area by accessing Your username and password for WordPress administration panel will be just beneath the congratulations message. Now your new WordPress Blog has been successfully installed at HostGator. Start posting something valuable on your new wordpress blog. Cheers!! 🙂

QuickInstall App - WordPress Blog at HostGator - Success Message
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