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Top 3 PayPal Alternatives To Send / Receive Online Payments

The existence of Internet has opened many wonderful opportunities. One of those great things that internet has allowed is making money online. Before, you have to suffer hours of commuting and spent 8 to 10 hours of boring jobs before you can earn money, but today, you can earn money online either through freelancing, blogging,

10 Best, Beautiful & SEO Optimized Responsive WordPress Themes

Wordpress is such an awesome blogging platform that offers customization level that is beyond limits. You have the freedom to choose beautiful, gorgeous & professionally designed themes for your WordPress Blog. You may find good WordPress themes that are offered for free but they usually lack many features which are available in premium themes. One

Top 15 Best Google Adsense Alternatives To Make Money Online in 2014

  Google Adsense Publisher program let website owners earn money by displaying content relevant advertisements on their unique content. When a visitor clicks on an advertisement by Google Adsense program, website owner / blogger earns money on per click basis. In early days it was much easier to get Google Adsense Approval by writing 10

Top 10 Related Posts Plugins with Thumbnails for WordPress & Blogger

Related posts are the best resource of increasing page views of your blog, decrease bounce rate (number of visitors that immediately leave your blog) and help to keep visitors for longer duration. Thus related posts helps in building more user engagement on your blog. Ultimately you will be selling more products / services through your

Top 5 Best Web Hosting Companies for WordPress Blogs

Before getting started with an introduction to WordPress hosting, we need to see, what actually is WordPress? WordPress is a complete content management system that is widely used for blogging purposes by most reputed tech companies. Unlike Blogger, WordPress self hosted version has a freedom of control and customization with tons of already available advanced