How To Transfer ClickBank Earnings To Payoneer Account?

Click Bank To Payoneer - ClickBank To US Bank Deposit

Making money online isn’t very difficult. Though you are making money online, but you can end up having difficulties in withdrawing your online earned money. Especially for the non – U.S residents, withdrawing money from online websites seems a bit tough, if your country isn’t supported by the major payment gateway such as PayPal. Online money making websites either require you to enter your U.S bank account number for money transfer and withdrawal or doesn’t give you any other option.

What if you are a non – U.S resident? What if you want to make money online? What if you succeed in making money online and don’t know how to withdraw money now? That’s surely a big problem. However ClickBank and Payoneer are partnered to help you in this regard. Let’s start introducing you with ClickBank and Payoneer, what are they and what are their purpose? 

How To Make Money With ClickBank?

ClickBank is a private company that serves as an online marketplace for digital information products. You often have seen lots of online marketplaces like Amazon, EBay, etc. ClickBank is also one of them. However it is slight different in a fact that it connects digital content creators and affiliate marketers which help to promote products to the consumers.

In other words, you can earn money with ClickBank. The content creators, also known as vendors, pay you commission after SELLING their products on your website or blog. Whenever a reader hits the product link and buys a product, you will get the commission for promoting that product.

Now if you are a website or blog owner then think of it for a minute. You are actually going to earn money with ClickBank for just promoting products on your website. But one problem with ClickBank is that they pay you via cheques. Cheques may take weeks or even months to arrive at your home and is not the fastest way of getting money. You even may face problems withdrawing money from the cheques. However, there is an easy solution to this problem, I have explained below.


Payoneer is a global financial service business that provides online money transfers and the payment services for e-commerce. It connects countries, professionals and businesses together with its cross border payment platform. Even if you don’t have a U.S bank account, create a payoneer account and get your money earned online.

Payoneer acts as a payment service provider. Now instead of getting cheques that can take weeks, get your earned money directly deposited to your payoneer account. You can easily withdraw your money through your payoneer account via ATM machine.

Payoneer is undoubtedly a quick way of getting money. You don’t have to face any trouble for withdrawing money nor have to wait weeks for the cheque to arrive at your home to withdraw money. Just add payoneer as a withdrawal method in your ClickBank account and get your money transferred directly to your payoneer account. All you need to do is add payoneer as your payment option in your ClickBank account. Signup for Payoneer Account (using this link for signup will add bonus of $25 in your Payoneer account)

Apply for Payoneer Account Now



Payoneer and ClickBank have partnered up to give you ease of earning money and withdrawal worldwide. With ClickBank’s direct deposit facility and Payoneers’ payment service, you can quickly and easily receive you ClickBank payments. All you need to do is transfer your money from ClickBank to Payoneer using Payoneer’s US Payment Service (Virtual US Bank Account).


Transfer money from ClickBank to Payoneer is just a few steps away. Follow these steps and earn money with ClickBank.

  1. Signup for Payoneer Account (using this link for signup will add bonus of $25 in your Payoneer account) and fill the form very carefully with correct information. You may be required to attach your Government issued ID copy and passport with it for verification purposes.
  2. A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox and your Payoneer Account will be delivered to within a short span of 3 weeks or less, at worst it could take one month to get delivered to your home address, depending upon the performance of your countries postal / mailing services.
  3. After receiving your Payoneer card, you will need to activate it through your Payoneer’s login portal.
  4. Now you need to Signup for Payoneer’s US Payment Service that will assign you a virtual US bank account, that could be used anywhere to receive your online payments from big companies such as Amazon, ClickBank etc. They will ask you the reasons to signup for US Payment Service and you might be required to fill up a questionnaire. Mention that you are freelance worker or affiliate marketer and earn money through ClickBank affiliate marketing program, if you do have a blog, mention the source of your blog in the same request. Once they will review your request, your US Payment service will be activated and you will be given following details at this US Payment Service Page as shown in an image.

    Bank Name
    Bank of America

     9 Digit Routing Number 

    Account Number: 17 Digit Bank Account Number 

    Account Type: Checking

    Transfer Money from ClickBank To Payoneer - ClickBank To US Bank Deposit

  5. Log into your ClickBank account and go to the “Account Settings” tab.
  6. Go to the “Payment Information” and click “Edit”.
  7. Select “Direct Deposit” and choose your payment frequency.
  8. Select “U.S” as bank country and add payment service information shown on your payoneer account you have created.
  9. Click “Save Changes” and you are good to go.
  10. Now you can easily transfer / withdraw your online payments / income from ClickBank to Payoneer Account.

In this way, you can get payments directly in your Payoneer Account and you can withdraw your money whenever you want with any ATM across the globe.

Apply for Payoneer Account Now

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