How to get verified Paypal US Account with no limits in non-supported countries?

Verified Paypal Account for non supported countriesPaypal is considered the best and safest payment gateway to send or receive payments. Most of the companies on the internet prefer to make transactions via Paypal as it helps to send & receive the payments instantly without any delays. You can later withdraw the amount from your Paypal account to your Bank account in just few clicks. You can also purchase products and services through Paypal from many online retailers or service providers. However its unfortunate thing that some countries of the world aren’t yet supported by Paypal and they cannot use Paypal services officially.

In order to overcome this issue and to use Paypal in non supported countries, we will have to take advantage of Payoneer’s US payment service. That allows you to withdraw your Paypal payments into virtual US bank account that will be provided to you through Payoneer’s US Payment service. In addition to withdrawal, your PayPal US account will also get verified once you’ll link it with Payoneer’s US payment service. Afterwards you can link your Payoneer Account with your PayPal US account to lift up / remove any receiving / sending limits from Paypal account. Also make sure not to access your Paypal account with any proxies, else Paypal will place limits on your account and your funds will be freezed forever.

1. First you will be required to Signup for Payoneer Account (Signing up from this link will entitle you to receive $25 bonus from Payoneer). Make sure to enter correct details and you must be at least 18 years old to continue with this service. You will be required to submit your Identity Proof during or after registration process. After completing the registration process, you will have to wait for around 1 month, to receive your Payoneer Account. 

2. Once you have received your card, login to your Payoneer Account & please activate it, then navigate towards US Payment Service page. There you have to signup for US Payment service and shall have to apply via email application and have to mention that why do you need US Payment service. You can simply state in application that you want to withdraw your money from Paypal and Paypal isn’t supported in your country therefore US Payment service will be of great help for you. Wait until there comes an email reply from Payoneer and you’ll be approved for US Payment Service. You can use this US Payment Service from Payoneer with PayPal as well as with Amazon Associates Program. See: How to Make Money with Amazon Associates Affiliate Program?
Payoneer US Payment Service

What is Payoneer US Payment Service?

The US Payment Service allows you to receive payments from select US companies directly to your Payoneer account as a direct deposit transfer (US ACH). This service provides you with a US account and routing number, to be used by companies you are working with so a direct deposit payment can be made for you. Funds that are transferred to your US Payment Service will be automatically loaded to your Payoneer account once they are received. You may receive payments from US companies including Amazon, PayPal Inc., Facebook Inc, Digital River Inc., ClickBank, AOL, Commission Junction and more. To view the complete list of companies you can receive funds from click here Note: You can receive payments from multiple of the supported companies. The US Payment Service involves a fee of 1% of the payment amount.  Further you can read the FAQ about US Payment service.

3. On approval of US Payment Service, Payoneer will provide you with the details of your US Bank Account:

Bank Name
Account Holder’s Name (that’s your name)
Bank Routing Number
Account Number

Payoneer US Payment Service Details
Make sure not to access your Paypal account with any proxies, else Paypal will place limits on your account and your funds will be freezed forever.
4. Now you have to signup for PayPal US account (Paypal for personal use) on Paypal United States website. There you must have to enter your correct name and must be similar to what you are using on Payoneer Account. However you have to generate US Address details with FAKE NAME GENERATOR. Please keep in mind that you must only enter the address details from FAKE NAME GENERATOR and your real name must be used, if you will not use your real name, you will be unable to withdraw the money from Paypal to Payoneer via US Payment Service.

Paypal will ask you to enter the following details, enter them and continue…

  • Full name (it must be the same as of your Payoneer Account.)
  • Address, City, State, Zip Code (Use it from the FAKE NAME GENERATOR Tool)
  • and Phone number (it would be great if you can manage to enter a US based phone number of any of your sibling, friend or relative living abroad, if you don’t have a valid phone number, you could use a fake one, but that might be a constraint in future.
  • Bank / Credit card details, you can skip them at the time of registration.

Verification of Paypal Account with US Payment Service

5. Click on Get Verified Button after logging into your Paypal account. Paypal will ask you to link your Bank Account, Select CHECKING as your account type & enter the Bank Routing Number as well as Bank Account number which you had received from Payoneer US Payment Service in Step number 3. Paypal will now deposit two little sums of money that will take 2 – 3 days to appear in your Payoneer’s Transaction History (Statement). For instance the sums of money could be $0.31 & $0.69. Since these amounts are randomly generated for every user. You will have to find out these two amounts under the Transactions history of your Payoneer account. You can enter the amounts in any order, since the order of entering amounts doesn’t matter. After entering those amounts please hit submit button. Congratulations, now your Paypal account has been verified and you can easily withdraw your money from Paypal to Payoneer Account via US Payment Service.

Paypal Bank Account Verification with two amounts

Linking Payoneer Account with Paypal to Lift up Account Limits

6. After successful Bank verification, you can link your Payoneer Account with Paypal to lift up any sending or receiving limits that have been placed by Paypal on your account. Make sure that you have at least $5 – $10 balance in your Payoneer Account before proceeding, as a minor amount will be charged to your Payoneer Account for verification purposes.
Navigate to Profile > Update Card > Add Debit or Prepaid Card

Enter your Payoneer Account Number, Expiry Date and CSC (three digit security code printed at the back of your card next to your signature area.) Now hit add button. A small amount will be charged to your Payoneer Account for verification. Congratulations you have now successfully removed any sending / receiving limits from your verified PayPal account.
Paypal Credit / Debit Card Verification
After successfully verifying the bank account and linking your Payoneer Account with Paypal. Its status will be verified and all sending / receiving limits will be removed.
PayPal Verified Payoneer

Paypal to Payoneer Money Transfer

7. You can easily receive payments on your Paypal account even in a non-supported Paypal country. Log into your Paypal account & Navigate to Withdraw > Transfer to Bank Account.Enter the amount you need to withdraw from Paypal to your Bank Account (Payoneer US Payment Service) and click continue. It will take around 3 – 4 business days for your transaction to complete its process. Upon successful transfer of money from Paypal to Bank (Payoneer US Payment Service) it is subject to 1% fee. Later on you can withdraw your funds from Payoneer Account from any supported ATM across the globe. I hope this article will help my readers to easily transfer the money from Paypal to their Payoneer Account.

PayPal to Payoneer Money Transfer Service
PayPal to Payoneer Money Transfer Service
Disclaimer: This tutorial guide to transfer money from Paypal to Payoneer has been created for educational purposes. PayPal’s rules do not allow you to enter false information about your account, so using this method may have a risk of your account termination, as well as losing the funds. So, as soon as you will receive the money at your Paypal account created this way, you must immediately transfer it to your Payoneer Bank Account via US Payment Service. PayPal must also realize that leaving non-supported countries behind by not officially supporting them is the only hurdle that has to be faced by many freelancer and online workers across the globe to receive & withdraw their hard earned online income.

Update: December 9, 2014: This method used to work fine in the past but unfortunately PayPal will not be accepting Payoneer’s US Payment Service’s Bank Account Details To Transfer Funds / Money from PayPal To Payoneer Account. Therefore this method will be not be valid to withdraw and move your money from PayPal to Payoneer Account.

You can still use your Payoneer Account to receive your hard earned online income from many other online freelancing websites including oDesk (Withdraw / Transfer Money From oDesk Using Payoneer Account), Fiverr and you can also Withdraw / Transfer Money from Amazon Associates Account To Your Payoneer Account Directly Through Bank Transfer.
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  • Hi Moon,

    Please contact PayPal support in this regard. They might help you out.

  • I am sorry to hear this, you can try out PayPal alternatives such as Payza & Skrill that work in Pakistan without any issues. You can ask your company to pay you directly through direct bank deposit. You can give your Payoneer’s US Payment Service details to the company to receive payment directly on your Payoneer MasterCard.

  • Sajid Javed

    Hello Hasan.

    I am facing the same error. I tried twice and this error occurs.

    “Error linking your card. Please try linking your other card”


  • Hi Sajid,

    Have you tried it to link the card with multiple PayPal accounts? If yes, then it won’t work. In case you have just tried it once, please reach out PayPal support.

  • Moazzam

    When I link my payoner debit card on paypal i got following error

    Sorry, we can’t link this card. Please try linking a different card to your account.

    upon asking payoner they said issue due to cvv or billing and cvv was correct but billing address on paypal and payoner are not same

    Can you help in this regard what to do now ?

  • It seems that PayPal will be creating trouble in the future because they want the address to be same on card and PayPal for verification. You can ask your company to pay you directly through direct bank deposit. You can give your Payoneer’s US Payment Service details to the company to receive payment directly on your Payoneer MasterCard.

  • moon

    Sorry, we can’t link this card. Please try linking a different card to your account.

    hasan do you have any contact no or other way to talk to you fastly?

  • It seems that PayPal will be creating trouble in the future because they want the address to be same on card and PayPal for verification. You can ask your company to pay you directly through direct bank deposit. You can give your Payoneer’s US Payment Service details to the company to receive payment directly on your Payoneer MasterCard. The time I had created this guide, it was working perfectly fine.

    Moon, the best and fastest way to communicate with me is through comments over here 🙂 I’ll be responding to every query as soon as possible.

  • Wajid, this is unfortunately true and many of the users are facing same issue and thus cannot verify PayPal account with Payoneer MasterCard.

  • moon

    problem is how to remove withdrawal 500$ limit?ssn not possible and card is not adding

  • That limit cannot be removed since PayPal isn’t verifying accounts through Payoneer at the moment. You shall directly obtain your funds in Payoneer Card through US Payment Service.

  • Maka Tas

    If my paypal already registered in my country, and i add US bank account(pyoner), will paypal transfer money or no? Also, is there any posibility to get money from pyoner not by their card? i dont want to wait a month till i get their card.

  • Yes they can transfer money to US Bank Account provided by Payoneer, but you cannot withdraw money without Payoneer Master Card.

  • Maka Tas

    I mean no matter in what country my paypal is registered, i can get money into payoner, right?

  • Provided that your PayPal account is allowed to add US based bank account. You need to confirm this from your PayPal account’s withdrawal settings, whether you can add a US bank account or not. In some countries, its allowed whereas some countries do not allow this.

  • Maka Tas

    Yeah they let add US account since they not let add my country bank accounts(which is strange since my country is supported by paypal, and they let add my country debit/credit cards)

  • Perfect, then just go ahead, Get Payoneer Card, Apply for US Payment Service and provide your Bank of America’s account details on PayPal and withdraw money on Payoneer. If you will withdraw $100 or more from PayPal to Payoneer, you will receive $25 as gift for first time. 🙂 Good luck!

  • Maka Tas

    Payoner nam, surname must be same as paypal?

  • Yes, everything must match on Payoneer & Paypal. Your Name, your address and everything else must be common on both.

  • Maka Tas

    Everything matches, country included, but yet pyoner counts as US bank, isnt that an problem?

  • No, that’s not a problem. Payoneer will approve your US Payment Service and give you USA’s Bank Account details after approval. Just put those bank details on PayPal and you can easily withdraw money.

  • sujan kingston

    can we still verify paypal with payoneer Bank Account?
    i heard there is problem to verify paypal with payoneer
    that paypal is no longer allowed payoneer is that true?

  • sujan kingston

    i’ve already verified my paypal account with payoneer us payment service. so, now days i heard paypal is no longer accepting payoneer
    virtual bank at the moment. so, will be there any problem with us who has already verified paypal account with payoneer virutal bank?

  • Hi Sujan, you can still get your PayPal account verified with Payoneer’s US Payment Service through a bank account. However you cannot add Payoneer card to remove $500 per month withdrawal limit. This is because PayPal wants same address on Payoneer Card, which is not possible in case of following this method.

  • Umair Kassar

    Hasan brother. … I got payoneer master card. .. now I can’t understand. .. that how can I patch with PayPal. .. Please help

  • Umair, congrats of receiving your Payoneer MasterCard. Now you need to activate it by logging into your Payoneer account. After that move towards US Payment Service section and request Payoneer to enable US Payment Service on your Account, you will need to fill up questionnaire and give them reasons why you need US Payment Service, simply ask them that you want to receive your PayPal payments on your Payoneer MasterCard. They will enable US Payment service in few days. You’ll get US Bank Account Information, that you have to enter into your PayPal account. (Please follow the instructions as mentioned above to create your PayPal account). After successfully linking up your US Bank Account with PayPal, you will be able to withdraw your funds into US Bank Account and they will soon be transferred into your Payoneer MasterCard.

  • rash

    Hi Hasan i appreciate that you’r work..,

    I wish to add my payoneer bank account to my paypal to verify the paypal account. but the both addresses are different than others in both accounts. is that possible to verify paypal using my payoneer bank account in this situation ?

    thank yoou….

  • Hi Rash, you can link PayPal with Payoneer’s US Payment service (Bank account) regardless of address difference. However you may not be able to lift $500 per month withdrawal limit. Since you cannot add Payoneer Card in PayPal due to address difference.

  • rash

    Dear Hasan,
    if i do as i said before then i can withdraw amount $500 for every month to my payoneer bank accunt and take mny from ATM using my payoneer debit card without adding my debit card to paypal. is that right ?
    ( i have limited paypal account before that with address with my payoneer address. that’s why i’m think its too dangerous to open new paypal account using those details again. what is you’r opinion to my situation? i think open new paypal with diffrnt address with same name on that payoneer)

    Thank you for repliying me..

  • Yes simply do not link payoneer card with your paypal account. Simply create a new paypal accounnt and try to add Payoneer bank details from us payment service.

  • rash

    Thank you Hasan,

    if i try to create paypal in USA it will ask SSN or phone verification ?

  • rash

    it means this account not suit for eBay selling ??
    or that is bad… 🙁

  • Yes probably you cannot use it for eBay selling unless you have a purely verified account without any tricks. You may ask some of your relative living abroad to create and verify PayPal account for you, so that you can use it anywhere without any restrictions and doubts.

  • rash

    Thank you for helping Hasan.
    i really appreciate it.. 🙂

  • You are welcome for any related queries. I hope your issues get resolved. Good luck! 🙂

  • Payoneer is currently not being accepted by PayPal anymore.

  • how can open paypal a/c in pakistan

  • Try to follow this guide, it somehow works again.

  • Shayz Murad

    all above process you mentioned !! can be done only after getting the payoneer card in hand and activating it right ?.. correct me if i am wrong

  • This method used to work fine previously, but PayPal no longer accepts Payoneer’s bank account to verify the account. And yes that was only possible after having activated Payoneer card in your hands.

  • Shayz Murad

    so !! Kindly recommend a alternate solution … as you can see , life goes on .. cheers

  • Alternative is, you should find some friend or relative living abroad preferably in US or Europe, who can help out to create a verified PayPal account and attach a valid bank to withdraw your money. 🙂


    Hey guys,
    I’m from Bangladesh. I withdraw and deposit my money of PayPal through PayPal solution Bd; an organization who helps in withdrawing and deposition. This organization is situated at Dhaka, Bangladesh. So I have no issues on PayPal alhamdulillah… Now I needed to link my payoneer account with PayPal to load the account. But as PayPal and payoneer are not allied anymore so I’ve decided to send money to my relative who lives in UK from PayPal to PayPal and then she will load up my payoneer account in-sha-Allah.
    Hope this idea works for you guys in any manner….
    Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • Thanks for leaving valuable feedback, the way you have mentioned actually works great. 🙂

  • farah naz

    Can I change address to get verified on my current account? because currently my Paypal account have amount and i want to withdraw. currently,I used fake address in Paypal account.

  • You can only change the address if you are able to verify it with your CNIC / bank statement or via phone call to PayPal.

  • Can we add Payoneer Us bank account in payza account?

  • morganalley67

    My children were requiring NV 2824-EL recently and found a web service that has lots of form templates . If you need to fill out NV 2824-EL too , here’s

  • Spa8

  • linn linn

    Hi ! MR . Hasan . Your guide so useful for me . May i know ! My pp account canot send or recieved money which us verify account .my country pp not support . I used with us ip address and fake documents ! . last day i link with virtual visa card with my name . Is this problem . Now my account canot use . How to do this . ? Please reply me . !

  • Hello thanks for reaching me. You cannot use PayPal with fake documents anymore. They simply restrict your account and start asking for verification of documents.

  • Nuzzo

    Has anyone tried Auction Essistance for verified PayPal accounts?

  • I bought a verified PayPal account from Auction Essistance, but now I am having issues getting money out since Payoneer is no longer supported by PayPal anymore. Any help?

  • Has anyone used Auction Essistance for verified PayPal accounts?