10 Ways To Auto Publish Blog Posts on Facebook, Google Plus & Twitter

10 Ways To Automatically Publish & Share Blog Posts on Social Media Networks

Social Media plays vital role in bringing quality traffic to your blogs & websites. Bloggers need to focus on building more engagement on social media personal profiles as well as business pages. Socializing and engagement with blog readers is an important aspect to gain trust of your audience and hence turning them loyal readers. Deliver the valued content as well as exclusive content on social media networks such as Twitter, Google Plus & Facebook to your fans & followers. Automatic Publishing of Blog Posts on Social Media thus matters a lot and helps save significant time. Google perhaps love the organic traffic but we cannot ignore the importance of social networking, as the number of followers & fans on social networks are signal for others that this particular blog has that much readership so it must be delivering something useful to its readers, indirectly attracting more followers & fans.

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Social network fan followings are also an important factor in the determination of blog’s page rank. If you are an independent blogger, you will definitely know that crafting high quality articles requires lot of research and time. Thus individual bloggers might not be that much active on social media networks. At this moment bloggers realize that there must be some sort of automation that could help them to Automatically Publish their Blog Posts on Social Networks such as Facebook, Google Plus & Twitter. There are certain online applications & wordpress plugins that help you achieve this goal. Posting your blog posts regularly on social media will also be helpful for Search Engine Optimization purposes as I had mentioned in Top 15 SEO Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog. Your social media profiles will also be highlighted on Google Search if you will regularly update the content on Social Media Networks through automatic online apps & plugins. Following are the 10 Best Plugins & Online Apps for Syndicating your Blog Contents to Social Media Networks.

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1. Jetpack Publicize

Jetpack Publicize

2. WP-AutoSharePost


3. SNAP – Social Networks Auto Poster

SNAP - Social Networks Auto Poster

4. Microblog Poster

Microblog Poster

5. PostRSS


6. RSS Graffiti

RSS Graffiti

7. Dlvr.it


8. NetworkedBlogs




10. BufferApp

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