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How To Improve Mobile SEO & WordPress Blog Speed with AMP?

Google love fast loading websites and blog. This can be done through several ways. Installing Caching Plugins on WordPress, Having the MaxCDN service configured on your wordpress blogĀ & a responsive website (That loads as per resolution of target device, resizes itself automatically on Mobile and Tablets). Now Google has introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), that

How To Make Money With Media.net? (Google Adsense Alternative)

Media.net is one of the fine advertising & publisher network that help advertisers to reach targeted audience & market their products & services while on the other hand Media.net give publishers an opportunity to Make Money Online from their web properties such as blogs & websites with high quality content. Media.net works under the umbrella

10 Ways To Auto Publish Blog Posts on Facebook, Google Plus & Twitter

Social Media plays vital role in bringing quality traffic to your blogs & websites. Bloggers need to focus on building more engagement on social media personal profiles as well as business pages. Socializing and engagement with blog readers is an important aspect to gain trust of your audience and hence turning them loyal readers. Deliver

10 Best, Beautiful & SEO Optimized Responsive WordPress Themes

Wordpress is such an awesome blogging platform that offers customization level that is beyond limits. You have the freedom to choose beautiful, gorgeous & professionally designed themes for your WordPress Blog. You may find good WordPress themes that are offered for free but they usually lack many features which are available in premium themes. One

Free WordPress Self Hosted Blog Setup Service

Wordpress is one of the most versatile and widely used blogging platform that is highly customize-able and could be easily managed even by person who has very little programming knowledge. Its really easy to get started with WordPress self hosted blog and start writing on your favorite topic / blogging niche. There are variety of

Top 10 Related Posts Plugins with Thumbnails for WordPress & Blogger

Related posts are the best resource of increasing page views of your blog, decrease bounce rate (number of visitors that immediately leave your blog) and help to keep visitors for longer duration. Thus related posts helps in building more user engagement on your blog. Ultimately you will be selling more products / services through your

How Blog Differs from a Website and What is the Cost to Run a Blog / Website?

One of our regular blog reader (Peter Munn) was searching for online money making tips, he found our blog the great source of information as compared with others on the internet who do not give proper guideline to their loyal readers. He had raised very important concerns which are essentially basic to know for everyone