How To Fix Dell Inspiron 1545 DVD Rom (TS-L633B) on Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1?

TSSTCorp TS-L633B DVD ROM Firmware Drivers Update Windows 7 / 8
Fix For TSSTCorp DVD+-RW TS-L633B on Windows 7 / 8
I have been using Dell Inspiron 1545 Windows based laptop for quite a long time for my personal & blogging needs. Its still serving me in a great way. It came pre-installed with Windows Vista. For over an year I have had used Windows Vista, afterwards I needed to upgrade towards Windows 7 and later with Windows 8, the only problem I had faced so far with two operating systems on my Dell Inspiron 1545 Machine was its DVD RW Drive inability to work. Tried many fixes to make this DVD Drive work with my laptop on Windows 7 / 8, but most of the attempts failed until the last one which I had made last week and luckily got my DVD Drive working back on Windows 7 / 8. Not every Dell Inspiron 1545 machine has TSSTCorp DVD+-RW TS-L633B drive, so you may not be facing this issue. This guide is not limited for Dell Inspiron 1545 only, and is supposed to work with every brand of machine which as TS-633B Optical Disk Drive installed.

Windows 7 System Properties
Windows 7 / 8 have been introduced with New Power Management System for SATA devices with whom TSSTCorp DVD+-RW TS-L633B DVD Drive wasn’t upgraded with latest firmware by its developer who is Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology. Therefore the drive is only detected for once if you try to open its tray and later its totally stops to appear on My Computer with Windows 7 / 8. However it works perfect with Windows Vista. I have read many forums where people have been yelling what’s wrong with my dvd rom after upgrading to Windows 7 / 8. I though I will end up finding a solution from some public forum, unfortunately none of the forum had served the solution and I was completely disappointed. Later I quit using my DVD Drive just because of this issue.
Few days back I had to make a new Windows 7 installation on my Inspiron 1545 system, I was required to run something from DVD ROM and I got stuck again, this turned me violent again and I started cursing Microsoft, why they didn’t fix this specific drive issue in their updates? Again I had started to research for its fix and after efforts of 4 hours of searching here and there, I ended up with few fixes, which didn’t work. On Dell’s official website I had found a new driver / firmware update for TSSTCorp DVD RW Drive L633B, as I was using Windows 7, DVD Drive wasn’t working on it, it even didn’t show up in the Device manager. As the firmware upgrade utility for DVD ROM drive requires the DVD ROM to be active and appearing on My Computer, the upgrade utility also failed to recognize this drive on Windows 7, luckily I just inserted a DVD into the drive and pushed it back, the drive was detected for a while and again disappeared shortly.

1. Intel® Matrix Storage Manager 8.9 Windows 7 – (Source)

Option 1: Firmware Upgrade Within Windows 7
Now I had to install Intel Matrix Storage Manager on my Inspiron 1545 machine with Windows 7. After installing that I had to keep on clicking at Rescan for Plug & Play Devices several times, the DVD Drive appears for while and then stops appearing again. In the mean while I had to run Tsdnwin.exe from Windows Folder and check whether there is DVD Drive name TS-L633B appearing or not, if that’s appearing, instantly click on Search and select the .BIN firmware file (633BDW10.bin), and hit Download button, now you will get a warning message, hit OK and continue, this will initiate your DVD ROM’s firmware upgrade process which will last for 2 – 3 minutes and you will observe green LED on your DVD Drive to be constantly powered up until upgrade process completes. At the end you will have to restart your machine.
Intel Matrix Storage Manager Windows 7
TSDNWIN - TS-L633B DVD ROM Firmware Drivers Update Windows 7 / 8
Option 2: Firmware Upgrade of Optical Disk Drive With DOS

1. Reboot your system into DOS with any bootable media such as disk drive or usb flash. (Note that Dvd Drive works perfect with DOS & Windows Vista even without this firmware upgrade)

2. In “Dos” folder, just type “TSDNDOS.EXE 633BDW10.BIN“.
3. Just wait for the firmware update completion, you should see “UPDATE SUCCESSFUL” (At this time please reboot your computer) !!

Option 3: Firmware Upgrade After Downgrading to Windows Vista
Since TS-L633B optical disk drive works perfect with windows vista and is easily detected with driver / firmware upgrade utility within windows, one can downgrade the system back to windows vista, upgrade to the latest firmware and then your DVD Drive will be working perfect on Windows 7 / 8.
After successfully upgrading the firmware / drivers of your TSSTCorp DVD+-RW TS-L633B Optical Disk Drive, it will start working perfectly with Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems without any issues. Let me know whether this guide has fixed your DVD RW drive, and if that helped, please make sure to share this easy fix within your social circles and I will appreciate if you are going to subscribe the email newsletter, so that you won’t be missing out any important updates. Cheers!! 🙂

TSSTCorp DVD+-RW TS-L633B Drivers Firmware Fix Windows 7 / 8

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