How To Make Money With HubPages by Writing Articles?

How To Earn Money With HubPages By Writing Articles?With the emergence and popularity of internet, opportunities of making money online have been popping like mushrooms. It has been a great opportunity for people to earn money without the hassle of commuting and time pressure. I have already discussed How To Make Stable Online Income From Home? There are freelance websites like oDesk where you can accept different freelance jobs from clients and receive payments online. (How To Make Money With oDesk?) Adfly publisher network also helps to earn money by shrinking your URL and displaying ads before displaying your webpages. (How To Make Money With Adfly?) If your a good writer, or just want to be a writer and post articles online, then you should try HubPages to Make Money Online.

How To Make Money With HubPages?
Guide To Earn Money With HubPages By Writing Articles?HubPages is a website that allows you to post your articles and start earning from them for free. It will allow you to register an account for free. Every time you publish an article, Google Adsense ads will be added to them, and you will earn money from them. In other words, you will be able to earn from your articles because of the ads that will be added to them. Perhaps you will need to have an approved Google Adsense account to make money through Adsense ads on HubPages.
If you don’t have an approved Google Adsense account, you can easily apply for one after completing your several articles on HubPages. I would recommend you to write at least 35 – 50 quality articles before applying for Google Adsense on HubPages. Other than Google Adsense, HubPages also offer you to add HubPages ads and affiliate ads from Amazon & eBay, if you are good in affiliate marketing you can make the combination of both monetization methods to maximize your online income streams. Do not forget to read Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online.

Requirements of HubPages:

How to earn money by writing high quality articles on HubPages?Basically, all you need is a valid email address to create an account to HubPages. Writing skill is an advantage, but is not a requirement. It will be better if you are good at writing and are passionate about the niche / topic you need to write on, or else you will not enjoy your work. It can also be the perfect place for you to learn writing since you will be able to earn and at the same time learn from it.How Much Money Does HubPages Make?

It depends on how hardworking you are in writing articles. If you have written 50 articles, in HubPages terms, it will be 50 Hubs, you will be able to gain more or less $50 per month. What if you have 100 articles? What if you already have 1000? You will be able to earn $1000 per month. Your earnings also depend upon traffic and exposure your hub is getting and you must share something useful that is helpful for others. You will need to promote your hubs through online marketing, Google search will also help you receive free traffic, once your hubs are indexed by search engine and achieve popularity. What’s best on it is you don’t have any limitation on how many articles you can post, so you can post all you want and raise your earning all you want. However its not hard and fast rule of your earning proportion with number of hubs / articles. You might be earning more than this, if you are good in spreading your hubs, marketing them through social media and forums.How To Make Money With HubPages Affiliate Program?

In addition to making money by writing articles, HubPages also offers you to make money with their affiliate program, simply create an account on HubPages, file your tax information with them and start referring others towards Hubpages with your affiliate link which you can get through the earnings section of hubpages. As soon as anyone joins HubPages through you affiliate link and starts making money on hubpages, you will be credited 10% from your referral’s income.

How To Withdraw Money From HubPages?

There are several ways to withdraw your online income earned through HubPages.

Google Adsense:

If you are using Google Adsense ads on your HubPages account, you have variety of options to withdraw money. For instance, Western Union, Checks, Wire Transfer (that depends on your location, not every country is supported with Wire Transfer). You can also Make Money with Google Adsense, if you have your own blog / website or a YouTube Channel.


If you are using HubPages ads, you can easily claim what is rightfully yours with PayPal. HubPages will automatically transfer the money to your PayPal account so you don’t have to worry about losing it on the process. If you are unable to withdraw money from PayPal due to country restrictions, a solution is here. I had created a tutorial guide where you can easily Transfer your money from PayPal to Payoneer Account.

Amazon Affiliate Earnings:

You can withdraw your Amazon affiliate earnings either through Check or direct bank deposit (its only available for the people of United States). However you can use Payoneer’s US Payment Service to Transfer Money from Amazon To Payoneer Account.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Hubpages Now so you can start your Hubpages career immediately and start earning more money! Good luck 🙂

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